Success Stories

What our clients say

Such a great fit for my ladies who are extremely passionate about dance. Love the fact they get several ballet classes a week. The teachers and all of the students are the nicest. Feel at home already and they only started this last summer.

Erica Bicknell Hageman

I have to say En Face Studios is hands down the BEST dance studio my sister has attended. My little sister has grown so much in the 3 years that she has attended En Face Studios. Her technique has improved so much and she loves her dance family.

Keith Rounds

Two of my children started dancing with En Face, five years ago. My daughter has enjoyed ballet with 3 different teachers and has loved them all. Jo is currently her ballet teacher and we love her! She cares about her dancers and is truly an amazing woman. My son connected with Camille in a way he hasn’t connected with an adult (before or since)… he suffers from anxiety, but was able to form a bond with his teacher that gave him the confidence to dance his little heart out. We will be forever thankful for En Face and the staff!

Holly Lengner

My 9-year-old daughter has been dancing at this studio since she was 4 years old. She has grown incredible amounts every year with her dance skills, technique, self-discipline, poise and passion for dance. This award-winning studio helped her dreams come true last season and made her into a 2019 National Champion! The teachers, choreographer, and director care so much about their students’ self-esteem and seeing them succeed. This is an amazing studio!

Stephanie Whelihan

My daughter began dancing with En Face 4 years ago and the growth we have seen in that time is remarkable. Each teacher brings a contagious passion for dance, a diverse background in training, and invests their very best into each student. En face is a treasure here in Frederick!!

Danielle Nunez