Camille Dali

Company Director
Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Turns & Leaps Instructor

Camille began dancing at the age of 9. She has trained extensively in ballet, pointe, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and jazz funk. She was a competitive dancer and trained many hours per week. She has always been extremely dedicated and passionate about dance, and even became home-schooled at the age of 13 to focus and invest more into her training. After a prolonged injury that temporarily stopped her training in high school, she found a huge passion for choreography at a young age.

Camille has been teaching for 11 years now and has been the company director and choreographer at her home studio for the past 7 years. In the last 7 years she has choreographed over 500 performance and competition pieces and won over 170 choreography and highest overall awards at various competitions with her competitive team. She is actively teaching over 25 hours of dance classes and rehearsals every week. She now specializes in contemporary, contemporary fusion, jazz, jazz funk, lyrical, improv, and technique training.

In 2017, Camille became represented by Confirmed Talent Agency in LA. She has since travelled as a master class instructor and a competition judge. Camille lived in Los Angeles in 2019 working with many dancers and studios there, and choreographing pieces for studios all over LA. She now resides in Colorado and is continuing to travel as a master class instructor and choreographer all over the U.S. and was even invited to Venezuela and the Netherlands to teach. She is referred to as an extremely dedicated, passionate, invested teacher who pushes dancers out of their comfort zones in order to help them grow. She expects all her students to give 100% effort every time and to come to every class with an open mind and a clear intention.

She always inspires and empowers her students to be confident in their own uniqueness and to push themselves to reach their full potential. Her students feel that she has a great way of being able to really connect with them in a way that makes them feel comfortable to let down their guard and be vulnerable in the classroom in order to learn new things without feeling judged or insecure. She always tries to relate to and understand what each dancer is struggling with individually so that she can offer them the most beneficial advice or feedback.

Camille is known for her incredible musicality, and her choreography can be recognized by intricacies, accents, hits, dynamics, intensity, rawness, and uniqueness. Her choreography is always referred to as innovative, creative, unique, interesting, amazing, out-of-the-box, and breath-taking. Every dancer who has worked with Camille leaves her classes feeling inspired, challenged, and ready for more!