Shaelynn Rounds

Shaelynn is an award winning dancer and teacher. She has worked with several talented individuals. She has been invited to participate in several dance opportunities and will forever be thankful. She will continue to work hard in order to earn even more of those opportunities and surpass her goals and expectations. She trains in all styles of dance every day of the week and mainly focuses on her technique and artistry.

She always strives to be the best she can as a student, teacher, and full-time dancer. She continues to push herself beyond measures to ensure her greatest. She loves teaching her minis classes, as each one of them brings her joy. Her teaching methods provide the skills her students need to learn discipline while having fun and learning to be the best dancers and humans they can be.

She is so grateful to have several people to look up to and guide her through her journey and hopes to one day take her work as a dancer into the professional world while traveling. Shaelynn has integrity, passion, longing amounts of work ethic, trust, kindness, and love. She cannot wait to see what the future brings her.